The knife was the hit of our baby shower this morning and as I expected, several grandmothers are interested in buying one for Christmas gifts.Let me know the best way for them to get one


Our customers have loved the Birthday Cake Knife. It makes a wonderful gift for a new baby or a first birthday gift. We can hardly keep them in our store!

Smitten Gift Boutique / Ridgeland, MS

Can’t keep them in the store! We sell these knives as much for shower gifts as we do first birthday. Thanks for introducing us to this great line.

Giggles / Hattiesburg, MS

Your gift of the cake knife was the hit of the birthday. Chellie had to show it to all of her friends who came in. What a great idea.


thank you thank you so much …i was so happy i found your website my sons birthday is on the 25 and i wanted that so bad i told everone about your website and they went crazy for everthing just like i did thank you agin

Bronx, NY

The bracelet arrived today and it is perfect!My Mother (the great grandmother0 will be thrilled when she sees it!I am so impressed by your service and desire to makemy granddaughter’s first birthday so special!Thank you so very much.

Kitty / Valdosta, GA

This is Anne McDonald Klein the manger/buyer…..they have sold like hot cakes, people love the idea…..we have a few right now….might look at the them again at market……THANKS!!

Anne McDonald

The engraver for Jubilee keepsakes ordered a First Birthday Knife for a dear friend. He said it seems people just love to gift this gift, so I will too!