Jubilee Keepsakes is honored to be a part of your cherished celebrations.

Every piece in our collection is meticulously selected or crafted to ensure you're giving a gift of unparalleled quality and value for your special occasion. At Jubilee Keepsakes, we believe in offering more than just a gift; we provide a legacy meant to be cherished for a lifetime. It's the joy and lasting memories we aim to deliver with each keepsake, making every celebration unforgettable.

Our Jubilee Keepsake Cake Knives, made from premium Stainless Steel, are not only engravable but also come encased in a bespoke fabric sleeve, adding an extra touch of elegance to life's milestones. Accompanied by a heartfelt poem, these knives are designed to evoke emotions and become a cherished part of birthdays, weddings, and significant events. With a range of designs tailored for every memorable moment, Jubilee Keepsakes are destined to become an integral part of your family's traditions and celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I have engraved on my knife?

We offer in-house engraving! Your name and date will be slightly off center on the blade. This is to protect the engraving over years of using the knife. Another plus to the off-center engraving is that the name and date show even when the knife is being used for cutting the cake.

For Birthday Knives: The child’s name and birth date is our most popular option. Some opt for just the child’s name. Once a knife is engraved with a name, we cannot add a date later. 

For our wedding knives: We recommend the couple’s formal name with their wedding date engraved on the knife. 

How long does it take to recieve my knife?

You will need to allow 5-7 business days to process your order.

What is your fabric availability?

In an effort to keep our Birthday Knife packaging fun and exciting we will sometimes carry fabrics that may have limited availability. We may feature new fabrics occasionally every year. We attempt to keep a strong inventory level of fabrics that have become favorites, although textile companies do come to the end of production at times.

We keep a wide variety of girl, boy, and gender neutral fabrics. When ordering, you can choose which poem you’d like with each knife. 

How much is shipping?

Shipping is set at a flat rate of $8. Offers apply to U.S. only.