• Keepsake Knives

    Cherished Symbols for Life's Beginnings and Celebrations. These exquisite knives are the ideal gift to commemorate life's precious moments like christenings, baby dedications, anniversaries, and welcoming a new baby. Each keepsake knife is a timeless treasure, crafted to mark the joy and love of these special occasions, becoming a treasured part of family traditions and memories

  • Birthday Knives

    The Ideal Gift for Celebrating New Beginnings and Joyous Milestones. Perfect for a new baby's arrival, a child's first birthday, or any special cake-cutting occasion, our Birthday Knives blend tradition with celebration. Each knife is designed to be a part of those memorable first moments, adding a touch of elegance and lasting memory to every cake-cutting ceremony.

  • Wedding Knives

    These elegantly crafted knives are perfect for celebrating the love and unity of a special bride and groom. Each knife is designed to be a significant part of their wedding celebration, symbolizing the cutting of the first slice of life together. They embody the grace and joy of this momentous occasion, making them an unforgettable addition to any wedding ceremony.

About Jubilee Keepsakes

We carefully select or create every item we offer. We want you to have confidence that you are getting the finest quality and best value for your special occasion gifts. When giving one of our gifts, we want you to have fun and know you are giving a treasure that will last a lifetime. That is why we call them Jubilee Keepsakes!

Jubilee Keepsake Knives are a high quality STAINLESS STEEL, engravable cake knife packaged in a custom fabric sleeve to add charm to any celebration in life! Each cake knife is packaged with a special poem that is sure to bring a tear to anyone’s eye. With designs for birthdays, weddings, and special keepsake events, we are sure that Jubilee Keepsakes will find a special place in your celebrations! 

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